weBoost Home MultiRoom Review

The weBoost brand of cell phone signal boosters comes from Wilson Electronics Company based in St. George, Utah. In 2000, Jim Wilson Founded the company to help people get a more robust and reliable network.

Their products are for use at home, the workplace, and on commercial premises in rural Canada and the United States. The award-winning company has several unique signal boosters in its stable for those looking for variety.

In 2018 and 2020, the company won the CES Innovation award, putting it among the very best tech companies worldwide. It has also bagged the 2020 Commercial Integrator Award, 2020 Edison Award, 2020 Commercial Integrator, and 2020 Twice VIP award.

In this write-up, we review everything about the weBoost Home MultiRoomCell Phone Signal Booster. Read on for more!

How to Buy A Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster isn't something you should buy off the shelf. Instead, it would help if you considered several things before making up your mind to buy a particular device.

With the right device, you will eliminate the wrong cell phone signal issues around your home. The following are the factors to consider before purchasing a cell phone signal booster:

Signal Quality Outside Your HomeBefore buying this device, you should check that you have some signal outside your home. Where a cell phone signal is non-existent, the device will be worthless.

Number of Users: A signal booster has a limit to the number of people it can reach. While some devices have only a few users, others can serve multiple users simultaneously. If you have many people in your home, then you will need a more robust signal booster.

Desired Coverage Area: The coverage provided by a signal booster determines the power of the device. For example, the weBoost Home MultiRoom has a maximum range of 5,000 square units. With that, it can spread the signal to up to three rooms inside your home.

Ease of Installation: Some cell phone signal boosters allow for DIY installation while others may require experts. If you want the device to get off the ground fast, you should purchase one that's easy to install. Otherwise, you are better off with one that requires professional installation.

weBoost Home MultiRoomCellular Signal Booster?

The weBoostMultiRoom signal booster is one of the best devices in this category for home use. It is designed for use on the 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks, supporting all the signal carriers in the United States and Canada.

The device is more powerful than its predecessor, the weBoost Connect 4G, with a 65dB gain up from 60dB. With this device, you also get a 12dB downlink and 21dB uplink power, which is also an improvement from the previous model.

Because of that, it can reach cell phone towers further than the Connect 4G by 23 percent.

Contents of the Package

· weBoost Home MultiRoombase unit
· Power supply (850018)
· 15' (x2) and 30' cables (950630)
· Flat window cable
· Cable-mounting clips
· Outside directional antenna (314445)
· Fabric inside-panel antenna (314440)
· Wall mount brackets w/Commands strips
· Outside antenna mounting bracket

Components of the weBoost Home MultiRoom

Once you have set it up, the device works using three major components –the cellular amplifier, outdoor antenna, and indoor antenna. Here is a detailed review of the different elements making up this particular cell phone signal booster.

weBoost Cellular Signal Amplifier: This is the base unit. It is the component that takes a weak cell phone signal from the outdoor antenna before amplifying it. After that, the base unit spreads the movement throughout the house for use by existing mobile devices.

Outdoor Antenna: The weBoost MultiRoom comes with a directional Yagi outdoor antenna (314475). Once you have installed the antenna, you need to point it to the closest cell phone tower.

The ideal place for installing the antenna is on an exterior roof or wall. After installation, you should connect the antenna to the base unit using one of the included coaxial cables.

Indoor Antenna: The kit contains the all-new fabric panel weBoost 324440 indoor antennae. It has a stylish fabric cover and a built-in kickstand for installation on a shelf. If you opt to install it on a wall, then the included wall-mount bracket will come in handy.

The purpose of the panel antenna is to redistribute cell phone signals inside your home. It then picks up the signal from the phone and transmits it back through the base unit and outdoor antenna.

How It Works

The weBoost Home MultiRoom works by combining the three major components. In the beginning, the outdoor antenna picks up a weak signal from a far-flung cell tower and passes it to the base unit.

The signal amplifier strengthens the movement and gives it to the indoor antenna. As soon as the indoor antenna receives the amplified signal, it transmits it to the cell phone and other devices.

The cell phones transmit a signal to the indoor antenna, which passes it to the base unit to complete communication. After amplifying it, the base unit transmits the call back to the cell tower. With that, the device helps you to complete contact quickly and more efficiently.


When making the weBoost Home MultiRoom Cellular Signal Booster, Wilson Electronics sought to make a fresh start. For that reason, they improved on the weBoost Connect 4G by providing better, user-friendly features. Here is an overview of what you can expect from this particular cell phone signal booster.

Multiroom Home Coverage

One of the best things about this device is its multiroom coverage. That means it can provide adequate cellular coverage in up to three rooms. It has a 5,000-square foot coverage area, making it possible for everyone at home to have excellent cell phone reception.

That results in faster data speeds, better voice quality, and fewer dropped calls. It is a worthy investment for those who want to work remotely, make video calls, or stream live videos online.

Multi-Carrier Compatibility

The device works with all cellular network carriers from Canada and the United States. Examples of supported cell phone service providers include U.S. Cellular, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. For that reason, it doesn't restrict you to a particular carrier, becoming suitable for use in any North American location.

Easy to Install

For those who like DIY installation, the weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Phone Signal Booster doesn't require installing tools. That's because you do not need to drill the walls and other surfaces to mount this particular device.

Once you have found the perfect location for it, connect to the base unit using a flat window cable. It also has an inside antenna for mounting on a wall or placing it on a shelf. Luckily, the package includes 3M command strips for efficient wall mounting.

Besides, the outside antenna has a specially-designed bracket for pointing it toward a nearby cell tower to a stronger signal.

Regulatory Approval

With this particular cell phone signal booster, you have a device with the coveted FCC approval. It has a maximum of 65dB gain, meeting FCC guidelines. The device is certified not to interfere with the carrier's signal to other users.

Given its 12dB downlink and 21dB uplink power, the device catches a cell phone signal from far-off towers. Therefore, you don't have to be close to a cell phone tower to catch a whiff of the signal.


In addition to supporting 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE technologies, the device is 5G ready. Since it is a next-gen technology, having 5G capability means the device will still be relevant in the future. Besides, 5G provides 10-times faster internet connectivity compared to 4G LTE networks.

Industry predictions indicate that the new-generation network could be up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE. With that, you can download a two-hour movie in only 10 seconds. Therefore, you can future-proof your internet needs by acquiring the 5G-ready device.

Made In America

The design, assembly, and testing for this particular cell phone signal booster took place in America. That's why the device even has FCC approval, making it one with the highest possible quality.

In line with that, Wilson Electronics guarantees customer satisfaction with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who find it unusable after buying the device.


  • It boosts the signal from multiple carriers
  • The package includes a flat-panel window cable
  • It has a durable fabric, panel indoor antenna
  • Approved by the FCC for safety


  • The indoor antenna and base unit are separate
  • It doesn't work with T-Mobile band 71

weBoost Home MultiRoom Review-Bottom Line

After reading the weBoost Home MultiRoom Review above, you now know why having this device can make a difference. First of all, you get a 5G-ready device that will serve you for years to come.

The device has a 5,000 square feet coverage area, which is expansive enough to reach up to three rooms inside your home. Notably, the FCC-approved cell phone signal booster is easy to install. It is a DIY job that doesn't require a professional to install. Finally, it works with all carriers in North America. 

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