SureCall N-Range 2.0 Review

Are you having trouble making phone calls or surfing the internet via your mobile broadband? The chances are that you have a poor signal reception in your location.

A dedicated cell phone signal booster can improve the signal strength in your home, office, or RV for more explicit calls.

However, it can be challenging to know the cell phone signal booster to buy. In this SureCall N-Range 2.0 review, we discuss one of the best devices in this category.

SureCall is an American company that has been in operation since 2001. The company specializes in making high-quality cell phone signal boosters for vehicles, homes, or offices.

Its signal boosters work with all the North American carriers without exception. As part of its dedication to producing high-quality cell phone signal boosters, the company utilizes premium materials and components.

It also invests heavily in research and engineering innovation for industry-leading cell phone signal boosters. Because of that, it produces reliable, satisfying devices that meet the highest performance standards.

The award-winning cell phone signal manufacturer knows a lot about building robust, high-performing devices. It has appeared on the Inc.

5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies List for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. It also received the CES Innovation Award (2017, 2020), CE Pro Best Product Award (2019), and WFX New Product Award (2019).

In 2017 and 2018, the company also received recognition from the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100 in the Bay Area. Therefore, you have every reason to trust the efficacy of products from this particular manufacturer.

5 Top Reasons for Buying a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Everyone has a reason for buying a cell phone signal booster. No matter the motivation, all buyers of these devices want to amplify their cell phone signals for better communication.

The following are some of the reasons you should consider buying a cell phone signal booster:

Distance from The Nearest Tower

Most people buy cell phone signal boosters to bridge the distance between them and the nearest network tower.

The device picks up a weak cell phone signal from the cell tower and amplifies it, removing fluctuations and dead zones.

Furthermore, signal amplifiers help strengthen the internet around your home for higher data speeds.

Interference from Nearby Objects

Physical features like trees, pipes, metal objects, wire mesh, and insulation materials may interfere with cell phone signal strength. Therefore, you need a cell phone signal booster to improve the reception around your home, office, or car.

Poor Building Structure

The building structure may, at times, prevent high-quality cell phone signals from reaching individual rooms or floors.

Here, the culprit could be thick walls, the presence of too many people, or too many electronics. It's essential to buy a dedicated cell phone signal booster to solve the problem in that situation.

Too Many Users or Devices

Having too many people relying on one cell phone tower can significantly diminish the quality of the network.

The result is an increase in the number of dropped calls and diminished internet speeds. With a dedicated cell phone signal booster, you can re-energize the signal, making the network better.

Fluctuating Signal Strength

You could be in the same house, each person in a separate room, and experience is fluctuating signal strength. To improve the signal in the rooms where it is weakest, you need to buy a powerful cell phone signal booster.

SureCall N-Range 2.0 Review

The SureCall N-Range 2.0 Cell Phone Signal Booster is a dedicated mobile signal amplifier that provides the most precise possible reception anywhere.

That's because the internal antenna's integration in the base unit minimizes the cable's noise connected to the amplifier.

Furthermore, the N-Range 2.0 works with 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks from all carriers in Canada and the United States. It is for use in different types of vehicles to boost cell phone signals within a particular cradle.

Apart from providing the cleanest boosted signal around, the device doesn't require a wired connection to your phone. Besides, the kit comes with everything you need to install it.

Put it to proper use, and it will eliminate dropped calls, improve the voice quality and internet speeds. Also, you wouldn't have to keep complaining about delayed texts or quickly depleted phone batteries.

Package Contains

· SureCall N-Range 2.0 amplifier and roof mount antenna
· N-Range 2.0 cradle
· SureCall N-Range 2.0 power supply
· N-Range specifications sheet
· SureCall N-Range 2.0 installation manual

How the SureCall N-Range 2.0 Works

For the SureCall N-Range 2.0 to work, you need to mount an external antenna and base unit to the car roof. What holds the two components is the mount base with a powerful magnet.

After connecting a coaxial cable to the outer elements, you have to connect it to the cradle antenna inside the vehicle. The cradle antenna sits inside a dashboard air vent and gets its power from a car cigarette lighter.

On the other hand, the roof mount antenna gets power from the coaxial cable running to it.

As soon as the roof mount antenna catches the cell phone signal, it passes it straight to the integrated amplifier. After boosting the movement, the amplifier passes it through the coaxial cable to the cradle inside the vehicle.

In turn, the cradle broadcasts the amplified signal to the mobile devices inside the car. As you start making calls or surfing the internet, the signal gets boosted back to the external antenna.

It then broadcasts it back to the closest cell tower, providing a strong signal both ways.


Like other products from SureCall, this particular device comes with several impressive features.

The inclusion of the elements is deliberate to help you receive a high-quality cell phone signal no matter where you go. Here is an overview of the features that define one of the best cell phone signal boosters.

Powerful Signal Booster for Vehicles

The N-Range 2.0 Cell Phone Signal Booster boasts of being one of the most powerful devices in its category. It boosts cell phone signal for the 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE, making it possible to get better voice quality and fast internet speeds.

Boosted Signal On-The-Go

If you like traveling a lot, having the N-Range 2.0 in your vehicle ensures you keep making and receiving calls. The good thing with this device is that you don't need to leave your car to experience better phone calls.

It minimizes missed calls and dropped calls, improves voice quality, internet download and upload speed, and video streaming.

When you need to send a text message, you can be sure of prompt delivery any time of day. It works equally in the car, SUV, or truck.

Quick Installation

The package includes a simple-to-understand installation manual that guides you throughout the entire process. You can start by installing the amplifier and external antenna combo on top of the vehicle.

After that, you can connect it to the inside antenna using a coaxial cable. Usually, the inside antenna is in the dashboard vent from which the power cable runs to the cigarette lighter.

Once the connection is complete, the device is good to go. You can start relying on it to boost your cell phone signal.

Extended Range Technology

The SureCall N-Range 2.0 utilizes the proprietary extended range technology (ERT), which maximizes vehicles' cellular reliability. Thus, the device can support more simultaneous users, clearer calls, and faster data speeds.

It picks up the user's voice at the most robust possible, best-quality point. That ensures that the device can boost downlink and uplink speeds and faster data speeds.

It means you are getting a high-quality signal to and from the cell tower. Furthermore, the signal is stronger without the noise interference that comes from long cables.

Upgraded Hands-Free Cradle

When you purchase this kit, you will also get an upgraded hands-free cradle with a swivel base and ball-point attachment. With that, you can mount it on the vehicle's rooftop quickly.

You may use a vent clip, permanent base, or adhesive to hold the antenna into place. When you need to move it to another vehicle, all you need to do is pluck it out.

Multiple Carriers

The SureCall N-Range 2.0 works with all the cell phone network carriers in North America. Examples include At At&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Freedom, etc.

besides, the cell phone signal booster supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE networks. You can also use any cell phone, hotspot, and tablet.

SureCall N Range 2 Review-Bottom Line

From the SureCall N-Range 2.0 review above, it is clear that the device is worth buying. It is a revolutionary cell phone signal booster with extended range technology that makes sure you are always connected.

The device is easy to install, robust, and supports multiple network carriers. It comes from an award-winning company that makes some of the best products in the industry.

Furthermore, you can remove the device from one vehicle and install it on another without changing too much. If you are looking for a reliable cell phone amplifier to use on the go, then you should buy this device.

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