Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Over 70% of homes around the world today have a cell phone entrusted with communication and is never expected to go off. Well, it doesn’t, thanks to the many ways available to recharge its battery.

While that’s good news, most of those cell phones and the related cellular devices experience signal drought denying them the ability to serve their users as desired.

And in the absence of the best cell phone signal booster, those devices are useless.

Of course, you have experienced the nasty ordeal; the ‘can you hear me, the three ugly beeps halfway into a call, buffering videos and websites that never seem to load.

And this nastiness doesn’t happen all the time; only when you visit certain areas, a particular room in your home, or your favorite campsite. With the best cell phone signal booster, you can change your voice and data story. And that’s where we come in.

We don’t mean to romanticize this, but weBoost Cell Phone Signal Boosters stole our hearts. They are 100% designed, assembled, and tested in the USA for your peace of mind.

Well, that’s a story for another day. For now, here is a list of boosters we tested, shared with our buddies, and still got praiseworthy reviews about. Pick your best cell phone signal booster and go wild!

SureCall Fusion4Home Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office

If you are tired of a weak cell phone signal every time you come home from touring around the world, SureCall Fusion4Home Cell Phone Signal Booster has you covered.

Priced slightly above $250, this booster strengthens your cell phone signal within 2000 square feet. Then you can say goodbye to call dropping, buffering, and quick-draining battery.

It is compatible with every other North American carrier; Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Straight Talk among others. And it is FCC-certified.

It is presented in three main components; a yagi outdoor antenna, the base unit, and an indoor whip antenna.

Setting it up is easy; hook the outdoor antenna on your roof and point it towards your nearest cell tower, then attach the indoor whip antenna to the base unit.

Finally, connect the outdoor antenna to the amplifier using the RG-6 coax cable provided and power up the amplifier with the AC power cable provided. Ensure all users stay at least 8 inches away from the indoor antenna.

SureCall Fusion4Home Cell Phone Signal Booster has the muscle to support multiple users over multiple devices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do well for homes with more than one floor.

But for a booster supporting 4G and 5G devices, that has a 3-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime US-based customer support straight from the manufacturer, the support is worth writing home about.

HiBoost Signal Booster for Office

While most boosters limit the coverage to small homes and offices, the HiBoost Signal Booster for Office promises to boost the signal for devices within 7000 to 15,000 square feet of space. Just what you need for large homes and offices.

You are provided with a 9dBi outdoor directional antenna that can reach cell towers up to 9 miles away, a signal booster with its power supply and Bluetooth /Wi-Fi antenna, and a 7dBi indoor panel antenna.

You also have the mounting hardware for the antennae, coaxial cables, power supply, and user manual to guide you through the installation process.

Setting this booster up begins with downloading HiBoost Signal Supervisor App and then registering the booster. Next, connect the booster and outdoor antenna using the coaxial cable provided.

Then use the power meter tool in the App to find the best direction to point the outdoor antenna and mount it. Finally, mount the indoor antenna panel and connect it to the booster with a coaxial cable.

Ensure to mount the booster too, attach the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna, and power the device on.

Unlike other boosters, the HiBoost Signal Booster has an LCD screen, showing the signal strength of all the bands factored in. It also has LED indicators and gain control buttons to optimize it.

HiBoost Signal Booster for Office supports 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE devices while staying compatible with every carrier in the USA and Canada.

It also has a 3-year warranty, US-based tech support that includes chats the app, and emails. Expect to pay about $900 for this.

weBoost Connect RV 65 (471203) Cell Phone Signal Booster for Stationary Use Only

Planning for a camping/working vacation?
weBoost Connect RV 65 Cell Phone Signal Booster allows you to remain productive in your work as you play.

Kiss the call dropping nonsense goodbye, and embrace strong cell signal, uninterrupted streaming, and faster data for 3G and 4G.

Your cell phone’s battery will also last longer because it won’t struggle to look for the signal. You only need $650 for this booster.

The booster supports all US cell phone networks and carriers and accommodates multiple users at a time. It is FCC approved with no chances of harming any carrier’s signals to the cell tower or even from it.

This cell phone signal booster however doesn’t serve you while on the go; only when you dock.

But don’t worry, once you select your camping spot, mount the external antenna on the 25 feet telescopic antenna pole provided, connect it to the booster using a coaxial cable, and then to the internal antenna to furnish your entire RV or trailer with reliable cell phone signal.

This should take you less than fifteen minutes. Tearing down the setup is equally easy.
Like all other weBoost boosters, the Connect RV 65 Cell Phone Signal Booster is backed with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee by weBoost.

weBoost Basic Home (471101) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

The easiest way to get great cell phone signal coverage in your studio apartment is by engaging weBoost Basic Home Cell Phone Signal Booster.

It has the potential to keep you connected, chatting nonstop with friends, streaming, and making endless calls as if situated next to the cell tower.

It promises to cover up to 1500 square feet of your home; up to one room, with the amplified signal. However, this relationship is exclusive for the two giant carriers in the US; Verizon and AT&T, and guarantees 60 dB max gain.

You won’t need any power tools to set it up; with the set of mounting hardware and the famous flat window cable, the weak signal around your home is boosted to a glorious level keeping you connected all day long.
Unlike other weBoost cell phone signal boosters, the Home Basic comes with a uniquely shaped omnidirectional indoor desktop antenna instead of the common wall-mountable type.

That reduces the setup time to less than 10 minutes and the price to a few dollars shy of $250.

weBoost Home MultiRoom (470144) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit 

Say your home is about 5000 square feet with several rooms filled. For only $550, weBoost Home MultiRoom (470144) Cell Phone Signal Booster promises to raise your cell phone signal from pathetic to all-game all day!

Expect great coverage for up to 3 rooms enabling stable voice and data while saving up to 2 hours of cell phone’s battery life.

This booster is compatible with all US carriers networks; Verizon, Sprint, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, AT&T, and US Cellular, supporting multiple users on multiple devices.
The 5G Ready booster kit consists of a directional outside antenna to speak to the cell tower in your neighborhood, the booster to clean and amplify the received signal from outside, and a fabric dressed inside antenna to spread the good news in your home or office.

Setting it up is made easy with the flat window cable linking the coax from the outdoor antenna to the one going to the booster. Just crimp it under the window; no drilling necessary.

The rest of the setup requires a coaxial cable linking the booster to the panel antenna for rebroadcasting the strong signal indoors. Adequate mounting hardware is provided.

Every bit of weBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit spells peace of mind, especially the after-sales service.

Cel-Fi GO X | The Only 100 dB Single-Carrier Cell Phone Signal Booster for Homes & Offices

Cel-Fi GO X doesn’t boast of being the only 100 dB Single-Carrier Cell Phone Signal Booster for Homes & Offices in vain.

While everyone else gets stuck between 64dB and 70dB in the name of FCC regulation, this booster goes all the way to 100dB in signal improvement. It covers up to 15,000 square feet.

It is what you need when call dropping, weak streaming, and data invade your productivity. It supports Verizon 4G LTE, AT&T 3G and 4G LTE, T-Mobile 3G and 4G LTE, and US Cellular 4G LTE signals but ignores Verizon 2G and 3G, Sprint 2G, 3G or LTE and US Cellular 2G and 3G.

But there is a cost to it. First, the Cel-Fi GO X Cell Phone Signal amplifies only one cell carrier at a time. So if you need to support a different carrier than the one you originally have, you have to switch the booster too.

Worse still, the kit goes for a cent shy of $1000; quite expensive as compared to the rest on the playing field. But that’s a fair deal for signal improvement 40dB better than its competitors.

The Cel-Fi GO X Single-Carrier Cell Phone Signal Booster kit comes with an amplifier, a single dome and a panel indoor antenna, and the J-mount and directional outdoor antenna.

Choose between the dome and the panel for your indoor antenna. You are also provided with a lightning surge protector kit with grounding cable, 2 coaxial cables, male to N-female Pigtail adapters, and an AC power supply for the amplifier.

Ensure to use the Cel-Fi Wave App to find the best location to install the outdoor antenna to capture the signal. The App gives you absolute control over the Cel-Fi Go X booster.

Install the amplifier indoors but away from human traffic and the dome on the ceiling or panel on the wall, when you can see it.
Cel-Fi GO X is the sure way to get the cell signal all over your home!

Wilson Electronics SignalBoost DT 463105 Desktop Cell Phone Signal Booster for Small Home or Office

When you want to breathe life into your cell phone’s video streaming and audio reliability, turn to the Wilson Electronics SignalBoost DT 463105 Desktop Cell Phone Signal Booster. Yet another weBoost product.

The simple to install booster supports all US network carriers with an exception of Sprint whose relationship seems circumstantial at the moment.

Its main focus is 2G and 3G signals for users in spaces within 1500 square feet. If you must accommodate Sprint, consider weBoost Basic Home (471101) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit.
To setup up the booster, you need is to identify a spot outside your home where the cell phone signal is strongest and mount the outdoor antenna either on the window or roof.

Then point it in the direction indicating a strong signal. Connect the outdoor antenna to the SignalBoost DT Amplifier using the provided coax cable.

Finally, use another coax cable to link the directional desktop antenna to the booster and power the latter on. Ensure to place the desktop antenna where the stronger signal is needed most.

In less than fifteen minutes, you will have your whole home or office flooded with a strong cellular signal.

Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office

You see, it is so easy to blame the carrier than to admit your home or office needs a stronger signal. And since you can’t keep migrating to the nearest cell tower, Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster is your lifetime salvation.

First, the booster comes with a freaking 5-year manufacturer warranty with a 3-month free replacement; way higher than weBoost.

Then once you have installed the booster, everyone in your office or home gets a better signal since it supports all US Carriers and is compatible with all cellular devices operating on bands 12, 13, and 17.

Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster is equipped with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function to enable it to detect the existing signal strength in your hood and adjust as needed.

That way, you are guaranteed perfect video streaming, reliable audio communication, and a cell phone battery that lasts longer.
Setting this booster up is easier than you can imagine.

It uses an Omni-directional outdoor antenna sparing you from the agony of searching for the best direction to point it to.

Then, the LED on the booster indicates when you have the best signal reception. And the indoor antenna connects directly to the booster eliminating the need for a second coax cable.

You are guaranteed of x32 stronger cell phone signal broadcasted throughout your home.

Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office Use - Band 2/5 Cellular Repeater Kit Boost

For less than $180, Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office offers you a strong signal for every cell phone within 4500 square feet of the indoor antenna.

Thanks to its two high-gain antennas.
The booster kit consists of an outdoor yagi antenna that must be focused on the direction of the nearby cell tower for best reception.

The signal is then taken to the booster for amplification before being directed to the directional panel antenna for rebroadcasting.

The booster has an all-in-one AGC function enabling the best performance all the time. Mount the indoor antenna on the wall where the cell phone signal is needed most.

This booster comes with a 5-year manufacturer repair and professional technical support, 3-month free replacement, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Enjoy the convenience of strong phone calls, reliable video streaming, and the end of the buffer.
It supports multiple users on multiple devices on all GSM, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE for Verizon, Straight Talk, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular.

weBoost Drive 4G-X (470510) Cell Phone Signal Booster for Cars and Trucks

weBoost, being the pioneering company in manufacturing cell phone signal boosters in the USA, has taken time to create boosters for all occasions.

Take for example this $400 weBoost Drive 4G-X (470510) Cell Phone Signal Booster meant for vehicles.
The booster promises 32 times better cellular coverage for 4G LTE and 3G signals wherever you drive as long as there is one bar worthy of cell phone signal.

It also delivers the boosted signal from your device back to the cell tower to complete the communication.

Unlike the weBoost Connect RV 65 Cell Phone Signal Booster, the weBoost Drive 4G-X (470510) Cell Phone Signal Booster doesn’t care whether your car is stationary or moving.

It boosts the signal all the time making it the best option for fast responders where two-way communication is vital.

The booster is equipped with an Automatic Gain Control function enabling it constantly examine the surrounding signal from the nearby cell tower and adjust the amplification process for best performance.

If the incoming signal is strong, the booster auto-adjusts to suit the situation and continues providing the best signal instead of shutting down like other boosters in the market.

weBoost Drive 4G-X (470510) Cell Phone Signal Booster supports all US Carriers except where government regulations state otherwise due to the frequency used by the carrier like in the case of Sprint.

It is easy to set up such that you won’t need technical help wiring your car. You are guaranteed stable calls, reliable data, a long-serving battery on your cell phone no matter where you go, and a warranty you will be proud of.

weBoost Home Complete (470145) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Home & Office

If you love rural life but are scared of being disconnected from the rest of the world due to poor cell phone signals, this weBoost Home Complete booster is all you need.

It promises great cellular coverage for up to 7500 square feet so you can answer your calls and stream data from any corner of your large rural home.

The uplink output is 24dBm while the downlink is 12dBm; just what you need to reach far distance cell towers. It supports all available network speeds including 5G technology when it is finally ready, ensuring all-time connectivity for multiple cellular devices.

The kit consists of the outside directional antenna, an LED-armed Home Complete booster, and a fabric-covered indoor panel antenna that somehow resemble your speakers.

You are also provided with 2 coax cables to link the two antennae to the booster; 60 feet and 75 feet long and a power supply for the booster.

weBoost also ensures you have adequate mounting hardware; from cable mounting clips, wall-mount brackets with command strips to the outside antenna mounting bracket.

Even if you are not the handy type, setting up this booster is pure bliss.

Due to its strong boosting ability, the weBoost Home Complete (470145) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit goes for $999.99. A fair price to pay for the life you deserve!

Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office

When you need to boost 4G LTE data speeds for better streaming and VoLTE for your calls for your basement, cabin, or camper, turn to this Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster.

The booster supports all US Carriers on 4G LTE and cellular devices running on bands 12, 13, or 17.

It is composed of a high-gain directional outdoor antenna, an LED-armed booster, and an indoor antenna worthy of a special place on your wall.

You are guaranteed up to 4500 square feet of cellular coverage from the indoor antenna.

While you can set up this booster without any technical help, remember to only power the booster after connecting both antennae. Otherwise, it will get destroyed.

Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster supports multiple users on multiple devices and uses Automatic Gain Control ensuring consistently great signal even when the outdoor signal reduces in strength.

And it doesn’t shut down just because a new cell tower has been installed in your neighborhood; it just tones down the signal amplification and continues serving you.

That way, if the tower goes off for whatever reason, it picks up the cell signal from the nearest cell tower all over again.
For less than $200, Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster allows you to say goodbye to call drops, buffering, and quick-draining of your cell phone’s battery, with confidence!

Ultra-Wide-Band Cellular Antenna (Long Range) High Gain Parabolic Grid (Weatherproof) Outdoor Cell Phone Signal Booster

Are you stuck with an overpriced DirecTV/Dish Network with an unlimited data plan that you pay for every month just to watch your favorite series in your rural home?

Divorce such and marry the Ultra-Wide-Band Cellular Antenna High Gain Parabolic Grid Outdoor Cell Phone Booster and start saving money while enjoying great cellular coverage.

This parabolic antenna focuses on stabilizing your connection more than just boosting the signal strength.

That sees your upload speed shoot up and end the pain of buffering videos.

Ultra-Wide-Band Cellular Antenna High Gain Parabolic Grid Outdoor Cell Phone Booster is built for rural areas and not the congested urban environment.

While it costs about $250, you may also need the MOFI4500 cellular router for its 2x2 MIMO/Bandlocking ability to get a stable internet connection. Meaning the total cost may go up in the long run.
The booster supports 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, GSM, ISM, CDMA, UMTS, Satellite, Wi-Fi, and even a radio telescope. And it doesn’t need any adjusting or calibration to deliver the promised 26dBi gain.

However, it is the direction and must be set to point your nearest cell tower for best results just like the yagi outdoor antenna. It can boost the signal even if the nearest cell tower is over 7 miles away from your home.

Amazboost Indoor Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

Amazboost Indoor Cell Phone Signal Booster promises to reduce the number of missed and dropped calls while increasing data speeds for your surfing for only $370.

Even when the nearest cell tower is 5 miles away from your home, this booster can pick that weak signal your cell phone has a problem working with and amplify it for best performance.

You only need to mount the outdoor directional antenna high up on your home’s roof and point it in the direction of that cell tower, connect it to the booster, and on to the indoor panel antenna.

Then power the booster up and watch your data speeds rise to impressive speeds as you complete your calls without any more ‘can you hear me.

It is FCC and ISED approved and supports cellular devices using 2G, 3G, and 4G signals.

The bands supported include bands 2, 4, 5, 12, and 14, and cooperates with all US Carriers enhancing their signal to cover up to 5000 square feet of your home.

This however is dependent on the number of bars you get on your cell phone before boosting.
You are assured of US-based customer support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 2-year warranty from Amazboost.

Wilson 460127 Pro 70 Plus Multiband Cellular Phone Amplifier/Repeater

And finally, before giving up on your 25000 square feet habitat courtesy of bad signal and pathetic data speeds, consider the Wilson 460127 Pro 70 Plus Multiband Cellular Phone Amplifier/Repeater.

You are provided with a directional outdoor antenna, lightning surge protector, the Pro 70 Plus amplifier and indoor panel antenna, 2 coax cables, and a power supply.

The amplifier has a self-optimizing microprocessor with an inbuilt graphical signal meter to help you locate the nearest cell tower with ease.

When all is set up, you are guaranteed up to 70dBm supercharging connectivity around your home.

The Wilson 460127 Pro 70 Plus Multiband Cellular Phone Amplifier/Repeater works for a wide range of cellular devices and supports all US and Canadian Carriers.

Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work?

While many reviewers on Amazon say otherwise, our team has taken time to examine and evaluate each one of the 15 cell phone signal boosters above and proven that not only do they work, but they are the best in the market.

The only reason the booster fails to give the expected results is if your location doesn’t have any cell signal at all.

Then the booster has nothing to amplify. So before committing your dollars to any of the best cell phone signal boosters above make sure you have at least one bar of signal on your phone.

That’s all the booster needs and it will multiply its strength and stability to give you stable calls, fast data speeds, and a great streaming experience.

What is the Best Cell Phone Signal Booster to Buy?

That depends on the situation at hand.
If you are a camper who wants to work while camping but focus on the road while migrating from site to site, go for the weBoost Connect RV 65 Cell Phone Signal Booster.

For your car, look no further than the weBoost Drive 4G-X (470510) Cell Phone Signal Booster and keep your phone active all day long. And for the homes, consider the size of the home as well as its location first before buying any booster.

When all is said and done, we can’t help but praise weBoost for the great boosters they have come up with over the years and their after-sales services. We haven’t come across a bad cell phone signal situation they can’t address. That’s just the fact!

Do Cell Phone Boosters Work in Rural Areas?

Again, the right tool for the right job is all you need.
Consider the Ultra-Wide-Band Cellular Antenna (Long Range) High Gain Parabolic Grid (Weatherproof) Outdoor Cell Phone Signal Booster and weBoost Home Complete (470145) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit. Both are specially made for the rural environment.
However, if the cell tower near you has to battle lakes, swamps, and forests, Amazboost Indoor Cell Phone Signal Booster will give an amazing cell phone signal.

How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal For Free?

Free is a word the world can’t remove from the dictionary. And as far as cell phone signal boosting is concerned, it works wonders.
So before blaming the carrier, moving homes, or venturing into a booster hunting escapade, consider updating your cell phone’s operating software. It’s free.

And though that sounds somewhat stupid, with outdated software, your phone can neither tackle new bugs nor optimize even the simplest operation. Especially matters to do with signal handling.

Next, consider hooking up your phone to your home Wi-Fi network than making calls from there. This trick costs you nothing if you already have a reliable internet connection.

You can also schedule regular phone checkups just as you do for your car. Even if your phone wears a shock-absorbing cover, its back corners can suffer damage from falls.

So have your carrier or seller run diagnostics on it from time to time. You will be shocked by what those silly falls can do to your phone’s reception.

Finally, consider disabling LTE if your phone shows one bar. Chances are it is connecting to a congested cell tower, receiving a weak or low-quality signal.

Whatever the case, disabling LTE enables you to return to the 3G network which is likely to be strong and less congested.


Of course, there are other ways to escape the booster, like getting a better phone or moving to a different carrier.

But in the long run, if the four free methods above fail, your only hope is jumping to bed with the best cell phone signal booster from the list above.

After all, this is the best list you will ever get and each booster covers a multitude of cell phone signal sins!

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