AT&T Cell Phone Signal Booster

A dedicated AT&T cell phone signal booster can make the difference between effective communication and the lack of it.

The device can turn a weak signal from your favorite network and make it strong enough for crystal clear calls.

If you rely on the cell phone signal for Wi-Fi, the signal magnifier can boost data speeds significantly. The market has a variety of cell signal boosters for you to pick the very best.

However, it can be challenging to find the right device in this category. That's why we have reviewed ten of the best cell phone signal boosters on the AT&T network. Read on for more details.

1. Cel-Fi GO X

The Cel-Fi GO X provides the highest possible multiuser gain at 100dB. It is ideal for delivering superior signal amplification in places with weak cell phone reception.

When installed in a vehicle, the FCC-approved cell phone signal booster provides up to 65dB gain. In static mode, users get a maximum yield of 100dB.

It is 1,000 times stronger than similar devices, thanks to its 16dBm downlink and 22dBm uplink power. That makes it the most potent AT&T cell phone booster on the market.

It comes with a NEMA four-rated uni-directional antenna for high ceilings and hallways, supporting 3G, 4G, and LTE networks.
Installing the cell phone signal booster is as easy as it can be.

It comes with easy-to-understand instructions to guide you through the process. Apart from AT&T, it supports carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile.


  • Has more amplification power
  • Easy to install
  • Supports multiple carriers


  • We couldn't find any

2. Wilson 460127 Pro 70 Plus Multiband Cellular Phone Amplifier

The Wilson 460127 Pro70 Plus is a multi-band cellular phone signal booster that works with 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. It is suitable for any building by up to 25,000 square feet.

Thanks to its self-optimizing microprocessor, and a built-in visual signal meter, it can quickly locate the nearest cell phone tower.

It works with both Android and iOS devices making it a universal cell phone signal booster. Apart from AT&T, it also supports all the major carriers in the United States and Canada.

While at it, the unit protects the cell site, preventing interference with the carrier's systems. Using the digital display, you can view the changes as the automatic gain control takes effect.

The kit contains the Pro 70 Plus base unit, panel antenna, directional antenna, and a lightning surge protector. It also has all the necessary cables for easy installation.


  • It quickly locates the cell tower
  • Operates in a 25,000 square-foot area
  • Easy to install


  • May does not work in multiroom buildings

3. weBoost Drive Reach (470154) Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

Are you looking for a device to boost cell phone signals in a vehicle? The weBoost Drive Reach 470154 is a mobile cell phone signal booster that gives you the best reception on the go.

Even though it is one of the best AT&T cell phone signal boosters, it also provides coverage for other major carriers. Thus, you can use it on T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and so on.

The 5G-ready cell phone signal booster will give you fast mobile internet, better voice quality, and improved audio and video streaming.

It has a much lower battery consumption rate, assuring you of two hours of additional talk time. Moreover, it is easy to install the FCC-approved cell phone signal booster in your car, van, or truck.


  • Easy to install
  • FCC-approved
  • Made in the US
  • It has a long battery life
  • Works with various carriers


  • It has a lower signal range
  • Costly

4. weBoost Home MultiRoom (470144) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

The weBoost Home Multiroom 470144 Cell Phone Signal Booster is ideal for use in two to three-room homes. It can improve the cell phone signal in an area spanning up to 5,000 square feet for fewer dropped calls.

Even though a good AT&T cell phone signal booster, the device works with US Cellular, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Sprint, and Verizon.

It is an FCC-approved device with up to 65dB maximum gain. Therefore, it works safely on the carrier's network without causing any interference.

It has a 12dBm downlink and a 21dBm uplink power that enables it to tap signals from far-off cell phone towers.

Besides, it is 5G-ready, which makes it suitable for use in the next decade. Installation is easy since you do not need tools, expertise, or experience to erect it.

Still, the unique brackets on the antenna make it possible to point it towards the right antenna.


  • Works with multiple carriers
  • Easy to install
  • FCC-approved and safe
  • It is 5G-ready


  • Finding the ideal in-house location is difficult
  • Complaints about poor customer service

5. SureCall Fusion4Home Yagi/Whip

As one of the most reliable cell phone signal boosters for AT&T, the SureCall Fusion4Home can work in a 3,000-square-foot area.

It is compatible with most other North American carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, and Straight Talk. Even though the maximum outdoor coverage area is 3,000 square feet, it could be much lower than indoors.

It is a 5G-ready cell phone signal booster that can future-proof your needs for more than a decade. Besides, it features the SureCall 2XP technology, which employs materials of the highest quality.

It is, therefore, more durable than most similar devices.
Installation is straightforward. After setting up the outdoor yagi antenna, place the base unit in an ideal location.

After that, you can connect the base unit and the antenna using the provided coaxial cable.


  • An FCC-approved cell phone signal booster
  • It comes 5G-ready
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Build using durable materials


  • The coverage area is small

6. SureCall Fusion2Go Max in-Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

Thanks to the proprietary 2XP and extended-range technology (ERT), the SureCall Fusion2Go provides twice as much uplink power. It also has an impressive downlink gain, making it possible to catch the slightest signal from a far-flung tower.

It helps you stay connected while enjoying better call clarity, faster data speed, and extensive in-vehicle coverage.

The multiuser cell phone signal booster supports the networks of different North American carriers and not just AT&T. You can, therefore, use it with the T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon carriers.

With this cell phone signal booster, you get to enjoy faster data speeds on 4G LTE and 5G networks. It works with all types of mobile devices, including the Android and iOS varieties.


  • Supports multiple users and devices
  • It comes 5G-ready
  • The uplink power is stronger
  • Works with various North American carriers


  • It doesn't work with other types of antennas

7. AmazBoost Indoor Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

Instead of boosting outdoor cell phone signals, it is essential to target the indoors. With this device from Amazboost, you can tap a weak cell phone signal and amplify it several times over.

It supports 2G, 3G, and 4G signals and several types of mobile devices. Thanks to the 65dB gain, the device improves text reception, voice clarity, and data speed.

It is an excellent AT&T cell phone signal booster, which incidentally also supports US Cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

Regardless of the carrier, it picks up a weak signal and amplifies it 300 times over a 5,000-square-foot coverage area. The radius within which it operates can be anything between three and five miles in the outdoors.

With this FCC-approved cell phone signal amplifier, you will have a smooth operation without interfering with the carrier's network.


  • Supports 2G, 3G, and 4G networks
  • Compatible with multiple network carriers
  • It is FCC-approved


  • Some users never got a signal boost

8. AmazBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home Office

Unlike the other cell phone signal boosters from Amazboost, this particular device has the most comprehensive range at 8,000 square feet. It has a maximum gain of 70dB, amplifying a weak signal 1,000-times over.

Apart from being compatible with all North American Carriers, the device has a twelve-band capability.

It can help you avoid dropped calls even as it improves voice clarity, text delivery, and data speed.

The most advanced cell phone signal booster by Amazboost resulted from years of rigorous technical research. It, therefore, integrates an amplifier and a signal receiver for a reduced signal loss by 50 to 70 percent.

With this device, you get multi-point coverage, which is better than single-antenna devices. It is FCC-approved, which enables it to adjust the power level and system gain for optimal results.

This device's makers have made it compatible with modems, tablets, smartphones, and Wi-Fi hotspots.


  • Amplifies signal strength 1,000-times over
  • It has a 12-band capability
  • Integrates the signal amplifier and receiver
  • Provides multi-point coverage in the home


  • Some users reported inefficient amplification

9. SureCallFlareDB+ Cell Phone Signal Booster

The SureCallFlareDB+ is excellent for individuals looking for a stable cell phone signal to enable them to work from home. It covers a maximum area of 3,500 square feet, with an all-encompassing omnidirectional antenna.

As a result, you get fewer dropped calls, faster data speeds, improved battery life, and higher audio quality. The AT&T cell phone signal booster also supports the T-Mobile network.

It is a powerfully built cell phone signal booster, ideal for multi-room coverage. Installing it is easy since it involves setting up the outdoor Yagi antenna and connecting it to the base unit.

The kit includes all the cables you need to install quickly. Besides, the device has a unique modern design that makes it suitable for installation in your office, living room, or bedroom.

The 5G-ready cell phone signal amplifier has all it takes to serve you for years to come.


  • It has an omnidirectional antenna for maximum coverage
  • Provides coverage in multiple rooms
  • Integrates the indoor antenna in the base unit
  • Easy to install


  • Some users found the coaxial cable inadequate

10. AmazBoost Cell Phone Booster for Home

With the Amazboost Cell Phone Booster for Home, you can improve a low signal to a more stable one. It improves voice clarity, hastens data upload and download speeds, and stabilizes phone calls.

Within a 2,500-square-foot area, the device magnifies the existing signal by up to 100 percent. However, the coverage area may vary depending on the signal coming into the machine.

Even though a great AT&T cell phone signal booster, it works with other carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, and Sprint.

It allows for simultaneous multi-user connectivity with Wi-Fi hotspots, modems, tablets, and smartphones.

The FCC-approved cell phone signal booster has automatic system gain adjustment for optimal results always. Furthermore, the device is easy to set up, taking a maximum of one hour.

In addition to boosting your phone signal, the device also helps you save a lot of battery power.


  • Compatible with various carriers
  • Allows multi-user connectivity
  • Works with various types of devices
  • It is FCC-approved
  • It helps your phone save battery power


  • Reports of terrible signal indoors

How can I improve my AT&T signal?

You can improve your AT&T signal by my installing a dedicated signal booster. Several network-specific devices on the market strengthen the movement, enabling you to receive crystal clear calls.

Does AT&T have a cell phone booster?

Yes. It has a MicroCell device that was available to subscribers living in far-flung areas with a weak signal. Since then, the device is no longer available free of charge, and individuals have to buy a separate device.

What is the best cell phone signal booster for AT&T?

The best cell phone signal booster for AT&T is one that serves all your needs. Whether you need a signal booster for your office, home, or car, you will get what you want.

AT&T Cell Phone Signal Booster-Bottom Line

From the ten devices we have reviewed above, you should find a cell phone signal booster that works for you. Take time to read through the detailed product descriptions, their pros, and cons to know what you want to buy.

Since it's you who needs to make a decision, we won't recommend any particular device. Good luck on your quest for a healthier, better cell phone signal reception.

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