MEF SuperOp!

MEF is pleased to introduce MEF SuperOp! as part of the MEF18 global networking event, following the integration of IMTC into MEF.  MEF SuperOp! will be collocated with the popular MEF LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) Hackathon, which is focused on developing LSO-, SDN-, and NFV-based solutions for MEF 3.0 services.

MEF Applications Committee

MEF recently formed a new Applications Committee focused on enabling applications to dynamically interact with networks using a set of machine-to-machine APIs, thereby ensuring that application-level quality of experience, security, and performance requirements can be met by the underlying network infrastructure without human intervention.

The Applications Committee includes projects on SD-WAN and Intent-based Orchestration and incorporates the former work of IMTC, including Internet of Things, Real-Time Media SDN, SIP Interconnect, SSV, and WebRTC Interoperability).

Contact Alysia Bennett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about the committee.

MEF SuperOp! Schedule

Sunday 28 October – Set-up & Network Available
Monday 29 October – Thursday 1 November: Testing
Thursday 1 November – Teardown until midnight

MEF SuperOp! Registration

MEF SuperOp! Registration Fee of $500.00 USD per attendee includes:

  • 24/7 Room Access to SuperOp Testing Room
  • Daily Continental Breakfast and Lunch
  • MEF18 Conference Pass
    • Access to MEF Workshops, Plenary & Track Sessions (Monday - Wednesday)
    • Monday Evening Opening MEF18 Welcome Reception
    • Tuesday & Wednesday Evening Drinks Reception 
    • Access to MEF18 Networking Hall, Proof of Concept Showcase Demos & MEF 3.0 Implementations Projects

MEF SuperOp! Participating Companies receive the following:

  • Two (2) 6’ tables
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and power
  • 24-hour security for your equipment

NOTE: Additional tables are available for $500.00 USD each


MEF SuperOp! Overview

MEF SuperOp! is a well-established multimedia products and services interoperability testing event that draws multimedia communications equipment producers, protocol stack vendors, network infrastructure vendors, voice endpoint vendors, and other participants from around the world.

The introduction of this hands-on event into MEF18 is designed to complement the work of the MEF Applications Committee with its emphasis on application-oriented standardization, especially in the performance-critical field of real-time media services. By bringing together work on many-to-many interoperability for multimedia systems with the application-aware world of dynamic connectivity services being defined in the MEF 3.0 framework, MEF is enabling service providers and enterprises to develop real-time media applications that can rely on appropriate network performance in a fully automated and transparent fashion.


The goal of MEF SuperOp! is to allow companies that manufacture multimedia communications equipment to make their products work seamlessly with equipment from other companies. Because of the diversity of equipment, protocols, and vendors, it is not practical or economical for a single organization to duplicate such large-scale connectivity in its own test lab. MEF SuperOp! provides a unique opportunity for software developers, network engineers, and system test engineers to come together and work side to side to iteratively test and enhance the interoperability of current and future equipment and services across various networks.

The MEF SuperOp! Rules of Engagement ensure that all tests are performed in confidence and no specific test results will be publicized.


Participating companies will be able to create and test performance of multimedia applications – ranging from mobile video telephony to telepresence systems - opposite other vendors’ products, over both direct LAN connections as well as over MEF 3.0 WAN connectivity services set up for the event. Technologies included in the event are SIP based video conferencing, including interworking with H.323 and WebRTC, RTM SDN, H.26x, SVC, SIP over IPv6, Telepresence/TIP, and more.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Please visit the MEF18 Sponsorships & Benefits page.

Equipment Shipment Information

Please visit the MEF SuperOp! section of the GES Exhibitor Kit.